At Grove, artistic expression is respected, celebrated, and showcased.

6 community performances a year
12 arts electives a trimester
50% of student body participation
20 students learned ukulele last year
9 piece jazz band
1 kiln for ceramics

The Arts

One look at the Grove campus and you know art flourishes here.

The campus is decorated with many artistic sculptures. Several main buildings are adorned with gleaming, wispy architectural accents that add to the campus’s aesthetics. And with 17 art courses, the arts are vital in the classroom.

Grove students share their creative talents and develop new talents through the powerful art courses, two art studios, a music room, multiple activities, art clubs, and in other ways. Students may choose among courses and activities in visual arts, performing arts, and music.

The arts can provide relaxation, calm, therapeutic self-expression, and a sense of accomplishment. Grove students find enrichment in creating their own music, acting on stage, and expressing feelings through art. Some strengthen their thinking and humor through improvisation. Other students use ceramics, song, and other artistic expressions to add to the world’s beauty. The arts let adolescents communicate their ideas in fresh, creative, and meaningful ways. They gain insights about themselves and about life through studying art and its masterpieces.