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Lara Goodrich, PhD


203-245-2778 ext. 412

Lara is a licensed clinical psychologist who joined Grove in 2015. Lara grew up in Madison and is excited to have returned to her small-town roots. She received her B.A. in psychology through the Honors Program at Central CT State University, during which she held leadership positions in Residence Life and the international advocacy club Best Buddies. Participating in these clubs sparked Lara’s passion for connecting with people and supporting them to achieve fulfillment in life.

Lara pursued her graduate education at University of Rhode Island within the clinical psychology doctoral program. She received extensive training in assessment and treatment of childhood anxiety, depression, trauma, and Autism spectrum disorders through rotations at Rhode Island hospitals, community programs, and schools. Lara also became intrigued by the impact of childhood medical conditions on psychological development and family functioning. Fittingly, her dissertation investigated the impact of stress and culture on pediatric asthma. Lara moved to Baltimore, MD, for a yearlong training position at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, during which she gained specialized experience in pediatric rehabilitation/coping, obesity, diabetes, and feeding disorders. Lara then completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital with the Psychiatry Consultation Service. There, Lara integrated with inpatient medical teams to manage emotional and behavioral challenges experienced by children and their families. Lara most often utilizes individualized cognitive-behavioral modalities, family approaches, and mindfulness in therapy.

After years of working within hospitals, Lara sought a therapeutic community that was less hurried and more personalized. She decided to find a smaller setting where therapy could be provided in unison with a child’s daily life, not separate from it. This level of therapeutic integration and thoughtfulness is what Lara favors most about the Grove community. Lara also enjoys vegetarian food and cooking, goofing around with her dogs, DIY projects, and camping. Her favorite memories are boating along the CT shoreline, walking in Hammonasset State Park, and vacationing in Maine and Cape Cod with family. Her favorite travel destination thus far is San Francisco, CA

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