Deep Roots Farm


Deep Roots Farm Program at Grove School

Just how deep do our roots grow?

Developing empathy, compassion, responsibility and work ethic all comes naturally while spending time at our school’s farm. Stop on by one day after school and you will see students busy communicating with each other, the animals and the farm manager all for the same common goals. Student’s engagement is fostered by intrinsic motivation to work hard and develop long lasting bonds with animals.

Student Employment at the Farm:

Students learn vocational skills through positive work ethic and the care of our farm animals. Students care individually for all the animals each day by feeding, socializing, maintaining the animal’s habitat. Many students are employed as groundskeepers, compost managers and garden caretakers all to help maintain the overall performance of the farm. Students work on a variety of different tasks that are both daily tasks and independent student driven projects. Student driven projects range from; designing and building a duck habitat, a “chicken tree house”, goat playgrounds or painting a compost bin.