Our Process

Grove School operates with a rolling admissions process. The majority of our admissions begin in September; however we continue to evaluate applications as spaces become open throughout the year. Our Admissions staff works diligently to expedite the admissions process when all paperwork is submitted by applicants in a timely manner.


STEP A: Complete Online Application

Complete admissions application online. For additional questions and inquiries about whether or not your child is an appropriate fit for Grove, please contact our admissions department

STEP B: Submit Supporting Paperwork

In order to better determine admissions eligibility, we require the following information:

  • Most current IEP from your school system, if applicable
  • Current transcript showing grades and earned credits
  • Current psychological and educational testing
  • Neuropsychological testing, if applicable
  • Letter and summary from current providers and/or signed releases to communicate with our admissions team
  • Discharge summary from hospitalizations or prior programs, if applicable
  • Medication history, if applicable.

STEP C: Application Review & Interview

An interview with the school staff is an important part of getting to know the child and their family and assessing their appropriateness for our program.

We require that the family and the prospective student will visit our program.  This interview is an informal process in which the family and the Grove School staff can get to know one another. A tour will be provided by a student so that the family and child can get a student’s perspective of daily life.

There is a $200.00 application fee that is due with the submission of the application and paperwork.

STEP D: Acceptance Process

The parent, child, and referring parties are informed by letter of acceptance. All accepted students will enter on a three-month probationary period during which they will be continually evaluated by their treatment team. We reserve the right to terminate this placement at any time if the student exhibits behavior contrary to admissions criteria or that which is indicated in the referral materials or in the best judgment and discretion of the school.

Final decisions on admissions are made by the Admissions Committee, which consists of the Director of Admissions, President and CEO, Executive Director, Medical Director, Principal, and other appropriate administrative staff. Included in the decision is the prospective student’s interest and motivation to become a part of the Grove community with its emphasis on growth and change.

Another important factor in our therapeutic boarding school admissions assessment of the family’s commitment and willingness to be a positive force in their child’s treatment.