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The Language Arts Department offers a wide variety of classes for all students and courses specific to each student’s grade level.  In the middle school classroom, students focus on developing their writing through the five-step writing process and developing their analytical reading strategies to prepare for high school.  In 9th grade, the literature course focuses on various aspects of literature including poetry, short stories, plays, and novels.  Students in 10th grade participate in a world literature course reading well-known literature reflecting the values of various cultures and impact on individuals within the culture.  The 11th-grade curriculum focuses on American literature beginning in the 1800’s working through the literature of today.  In 12th-grade student work chronologically through the British timeline reading well know British authors and analyzing the effect of society on literature.  Beyond the core English courses, Grove School offers various English electives throughout the year including Creative Writing, Journalism, Poetry, and Deconstructing Disney.  Students are continuously assessed using the CCSS writing rubric and participate in a variety of academic-based activities such as Socratic seminars, multisensory projects, lectures, and the composition of various written pieces.

  • AP Language and Composition

    Grades: 11, 12

    Department: English

    AP English 11 is a course designed for students who maintain a high level of interest in Language Arts and Literature and display a high level of aptitude in both reading and writing. This course is challenging and students need to also have a high level of independence and self-monitoring in order to meet the demands of course work assigned. Course work will include reading various authors in the American Tradition of Literature, and writing, not only to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize these works, but also to engage the student in a variety of writing modes in an effort to gain a comprehensive understanding of the modalities of writing. Research will be an essential skill involved in each aspect of the course’s writing assignments. Multiple citation techniques will be taught and expected to be utilized in order to substantiate assertions made in written work. Successful work in the class will arm students with the necessary skills to take the AP English Language and Composition Exam in May of this academic year. Taking the Advanced Placement Exam is not a requirement of the course; learning and appreciation of literature and writing is the most important goal of this course. Performing well on the Advanced Placement Exam could earn college credit in English Composition.