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Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Physical Education and Health are important parts of the total educational program.  Students participate in physical activities that allow them to develop an understanding of the physical abilities of themselves and others.  The mental and emotional benefits of physical activity become evident when an active role in physical activity is encouraged.  A variety of activities are incorporated into the physical education program and include team sports individual sports, yoga, dance, and adventure courses.  Health classes are designed to promote student learning with regard to health issues that affect their immediate and long-term health.    Health education provides students with knowledge of skills necessary to confront health related issues.

  • Dance

    Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

    Department: Health, Physical Education and Recreation

    This Dance elective course is aimed at the exploration of different forms of dance through movement. Students will acquire technical movement concepts, related vocabulary, and will participate in forms of dance as a means of self-expression. Following our four main units of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Theatrical, and Cultural dance, students will collaborate and perform for our community in a course-ending finale, which will serve as the final exam.