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Gaston Smikle



Gaston Smikle serves as Campus Security at Grove School. Although, he started working at Grove in January 2019, Gaston is not a stranger to the community. Gaston was a student at Grove during his late adolescence. After graduation, he moved on to Grove’s Transition Program. Through his internship experiences while in the Transition Program, Gaston discovered his passion for to helping others. From there he moved onto Southern Connecticut State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. While working on his degree, Gaston completed two separate internships at Grove.

During the end of his internship in 2017, Gaston lost his father to kidney disease. This event provided many challenges for Gaston, but through it all, helped him fortify his mission to help as many people as he could in his lifetime. Working in security always came naturally to Gaston because of his desire to help and protect.  He feels fortunate to provide the fundamental need of safety to others.  Gaston enjoys maintaining the security of the Grove campus because he gets to contribute to the protection of a community that he values greatly.

Gaston has held security positions at many locations around the shoreline including parks, businesses, and restaurants. He is very passionate about music and audio production. He owns and operates three different studios and is knowledgeable about the industry and engineering. He often finds it as a tool for relating with students with that common interest. Gaston loves the Grove School community and is a hardworking, dedicated, team player.

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