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Robert Charles Powell, MD, PhD


203-245-2778 ext. 329

Dr. Powell trained as an adolescent psychiatrist at the Michael Reese Institute for Psychosomatic & Psychiatric Research (Chicago, IL). As a board certified psychiatrist, he taught briefly at the medical schools of The University of Missouri-Kansas City, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, & Northwestern University (-Chicago).

He earned his MD & PhD degrees at Duke University (Durham, NC), in Duke’s Behavioral Science Study Program (linguistic psychiatry & theoretical biology) & its Medical Historian Training Program (European/ American history of science & of ideas). He was a 6-year fellow of the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, which had helped found psychosomatic medicine as a discipline.

One of his earliest essays earned the Josiah C. Trent Prize in the History of Medicine, from Duke University. Another earned the William Osler Medal, from the American Association for the History of Medicine. After being named a “Psychiatrist of the Year” by an Illinois chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, he next was named an “Exemplary Psychiatrist” by the national office of NAMI.

Dr. Powell’s earliest writings concerned the development of holistic/ organismic theory in psychosomatic medicine, the concept of the subliminal/ subconscious, & the invention of clinical pastoral chaplaincy. His earliest research coordination concerned lithium & premenstrual syndrome. Many of his clinical essays were collected into one teaching volume titled, Listening Closely to Patients … [“linguistic/ cognitive dynamic psychiatry meets neurologic/  nutritional/  endocrinologic psychobiology”] A much expanded 2nd edition of his monograph on the anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, & pro-circulation medication pentoxifylline will be published in mid-2022.

In private practice for 34 years — followed by employed practice since late 2013 – he has worked with both adolescents who were state-designated as “severely & persistently gifted” as well as with adolescents who needed residential treatment for pervasive developmental disorder.

Dr. Powell is thrilled to be part of the Grove community!

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