Performing Arts

Among the more exciting elements of the Academic program at Grove is an Arts program that offers a variety of options. Students can enjoy traditional electives by taking classes in painting and drawing and they can also take unique courses in ceramics, still photography and video-game design.

The Drama department presents three annual productions that range from modern musicals to classic Shakespeare plays. The music department gives students the opportunity to participate in the school’s Choir, which includes community performances and local competitions, as well as support for the drama program. Two years ago, the Grove School unveiled a unique Film Program. In Film Theory, students are introduced to the tenets of various cinematic genres while learning how to analyze the aesthetics of different types of films. In Screenwriting 101, students learn the fundamentals of writing for a unique medium while also completing a feature-length screenplay over the course of a school-year. In addition, Grove offers an Introduction to Film Production course in which students are taught to tell stories visually, while having the opportunity to each direct their own short-film.

Grove School also offers courses to gain practical and hands-on experience related to various careers within the entertainment industry. The Arts have always been an exciting and unique part of the learning experience at Grove and they continue to be a significant arena for students to express themselves and explore their creativity.