Performing Arts

Theater Skills are Life Skills. The practical application of presentation and poise, the nuanced study of character and story, the momentous discovery of camaraderie and collaboration – the pursuit of Theater is innately therapeutic.

The Grove School’s Theater Department is a vibrant force on our campus. Finding purchase in both the curricular and the activity departments, our students have a gamut of Theater offerings. There are three large scale productions each year. A Winter play, a Spring musical and a culminating event in the Summer, our Festival of the Arts.

In 2016, Grove launched our very own “Children’s Theater Troupe”. Adapting children’s literature into staged plays, our students venture forth into the community finding synergy in education and entertainment.

As actors, we do not “lie”, we find truth in imaginary situations. We find our authentic voice as young artists. We hone our sense of individual growth, while learning to tell a story as a collective.

With just as much focus on process as product, our productions are student run. You don’t have to be a performer to find a home in the Theater. With an emerging Technical Theater curriculum, our crew is comprised of talented students who learn set design and construction, run our sound and light board and run our prop, costume and make up departments.

Cast and crew alike will find commitment, drive, determination, creativity and connection.  Theater offers our students a field for self-expression. The Grove School performing artists will find a renewed sense of confidence which they can carry with them in all aspects of their lives.