Success is possible for every student.

100% certified faculty
40+ electives
8 advanced Placement Courses
9 credits awarded per academic year
2 outdoor classrooms
90% college acceptance for Grove students


College Preparatory Curriculum

The Grove School faculty delivers our challenging college preparatory curriculum in innovative and engaging ways. Our educational approach encourages student success and a lifelong love of learning. While the academic program sets a high bar, many factors enable teens who couldn’t succeed elsewhere to succeed at Grove: Small classes, an extended school day, individualized learning, highly-trained special education teachers, a 12-month academic year (4 vacations, 2 weeks each), and an extensive student support system.

Grove students learn and achieve at a fast pace but at their own pace. Each student has an individualized learning plan so curriculum is presented in whatever ways the student learns best. Our academic case managers review each student’s progress to help maintain a high achievement level.

Grove uses research-proven instructional methods and curriculum centered on a keen assessment of the student’s portfolio. The Grove faculty finds ways to use the student’s interests and passions as both motivation and as teaching tools. Dedicated teachers both challenge and support each student.

Grove also works well for adolescents who don’t see college in their future. Students can take many career and technology courses including Computer Applications, Food Science, Kennel Management, and Child Development. Vocationally-minded students can work and learn practical business skills through two student-run businesses on campus. And graduates who want a little more guidance and structure before moving on can choose the Transition Program.