What is your typical student profile?

We work with students in grades 7 through 12, ages 11–18, on our main campus. We accept students who have graduated from high school and are over 18 for our Transition Program. Our students have social, emotional and learning problems that are across the diagnostic spectrum including Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, ADD/ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Our students have average to above average intelliegence. Please see the Admissions Criteria for greater detail.

What is your average length of stay?

Because each student and their set of goals is unique, their lengths of stay are variable. Some students complete their entire middle and high school years at Grove, while others need only two years to complete the growth and development to transition to a different setting. Length of stay is also dependent on the student’s age when they enter the program. Our ultimate goal for each student is to prepare them to transition to an environment where they have more independence.

What steps should I take to determine if my child is appropriate for Grove?

If you think your child may be an appropriate candidate for Grove, please contact our Admissions Department. You can reach us by phone at 203-245-2778 or email us at admissions@groveschool.org. You can also fill out an Admissions Application online. We have a rolling admissions policy and we accept students throughout the year when space is available.

How are parents involved in treatment?

When you enroll your child at Grove School, we expect that you will be an active member of your child’s treatment. It is our philosophy for you to have frequent contact with your child and the members of their treatment team. Family support comes from being available to participate in the Grove experience along with your child. This occurs by actively communicating with the school and your child, being present for family therapy and related meetings, visiting with your child on vacations and weekends and by maintaining an emotional investment in the process.

Where do students go after completing the program?

As a college preparatory school, most of our students continue their education upon graduating from Grove. You can view the list of colleges that recent graduates have been accepted to or attended on our website. Some students may not be ready for the transition to college when they graduate and may attend our Transition Program or other Post-Graduate options. Younger students may transition to public schools, traditional boarding schools, or therapeutic day schools upon completion of their program at Grove. Our treatment teams work closely with students and families in order to plan the transition.

What do students do on school vacations?

Grove School closes five times a year for school vacations. Most students return home to spend time with their families and use the skills that they are developing in the program. Occasionally, families may consider using other respite options for vacations. During some of the vacations, Grove sponsors week-long ASTEE trips to domestic and foriegn destinations.

Do you accept day students?

While the majority of our students are residential, we can enroll up to 30 day students. Our day students come from the Shoreline area and beyond, and are integrated as a part of our academic, clinical and activities program. Please contact our Admissions Department for questions regarding day student placement.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

We do not offer scholarships or financial aid for enrollment to Grove. Our students are funded privately or with the support of their local school district. Please contact our Admissions Department with any questions related to funding.

Do you accept insurance?

While we do not accept insurance, some families are able to attain reimbursement from their insurance companies for clinical costs. Please contact our Business Office for questions regarding insurance reinbursement.