Grove students constantly explore, examine, and engage with their world.

30 clubs a trimester
1 mile walk to the beach and town
100% faculty participation in clubs
4 overnight ASTEE trips a year
5 certified high/low ropes instructors
7 days a week of activity programming


Discovering New Interests

Boredom and inactivity are never options at Grove. Trips, cultural events, clubs, and activities rule the calendar. Being involved, exploring an interest, devoting time to a passion are pathways to living healthy, learning skills, and discovering talents.

Activities are critical. So critical that Grove schedules two activity periods into every academic day. On Saturdays and Sundays students have activities throughout the day and evening. And with all activities—with everything at Grove—safety and supervision are emphasized. These extracurricular options benefit students far beyond providing relaxation and a break in routine. Extracurriculars help teens express themselves, gain more confidence, build better relationships, sharpen coping skills, and enjoy life.

So hit the driving range. Do some backwoods exploring. Try snorkeling. Conquer the rock wall. Step to center stage on an Open Mic Night. Attend the Junior/Senior Prom, Convocation, Fall Carnival, Summer Fun Fest, and other annual Grove school events.

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