Physical vigor encourages mental vigor

4 interscholastic sports teams
20 home games a year
2016 Doc the Hawk Mascot was born
10 individual sports
4 intramural sports tournaments
9000 square feet in our gymnasium

Striving, Competing, And Cooperating

Grove athletes like to win but the main goals of the athletic program are to reap the benefits of healthy physical activity and to learn the lessons of commitment, leadership, team play, and sportsmanship.

While Grove competes with other schools on the varsity level in four team sports, our coaches welcome every student regardless of experience or ability. We also encourage all students to participate in informal team sports. Students tend to favor pick-up basketball and open gym. They also enjoy individual sports including tennis, martial arts, and weight lifting.

Sports transcend the campus. Under close supervision and with safety the priority, the Grove School’s soccer team has toured in England. Grove students experienced rock climbing and rappelling in the Vermont mountains. Trips like these help teens face new challenges, learn new skills, and work together in harmony with faculty and fellow students.