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6234 miles to the hometown of one of our students
7 hours spent with a family on a student's first day
100% admissions tours lead by current students
2017 Opening of our Admissions Building
5 days a week for interviews and tours
14 home states and countries represented by our current students

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You don’t get to Grove by being an A student who everyone loves and who has experienced nothing but success.

The Grove School works well for another type of adolescent—one who has experienced some failure, frustration, or isolation. Grove students are good kids who have suffered tough times and made some poor decisions. It’s impossible to guarantee your child will do well at Grove, but you can get a strong indication by visiting our campus and talking to our staff.

In fact, the Grove School requires families and students to visit campus before applying. By visiting campus you’ll better understand who we are and what we do. More importantly, you’ll get a sense for the types of adolescents who succeed at Grove. Many of them have diagnoses like a mood disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, ADD, ADHD, OCD, learning disability, borderline personality trait, or other similar diagnoses.

The Grove School conducts a thorough admissions process to make certain you and the school are a good match. When making acceptance decisions, we consider your child’s interest in becoming part of our school community and embracing our emphasis on growth and change. We also look for families who are committed to being a positive, active force in their child’s treatment.

We can be contacted at or (203) 245-2778.