The Alternative Site Therapeutic Educational Experience or A.S.T.E.E.© is a concept that was introduced to Grove School by Consultant/Professor George Olshin, and had its first application in our program in the form of a schooner voyage off the New England coast.

Grove School’s ASTEE program involves direct, active, and interactive learning experiences. The student-centered, holistic approach compliments many other facets of our program. Through a combination of domestic and foreign travel, the use of the outdoors, and practice situations (in both individual and group dynamics) our students engage in a variety of experiences which involve and unite their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Students are provided with a unique opportunity to reflect on their experiences, thus developing new skills, new attitudes, and new ways of thinking. These trips are a tremendous opportunity for students to challenge themselves emotionally and physically. Students will also develop lifelong interests and skills while cultivating stronger relationships with staff and students.