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The Mathematics Department at The Grove School strives to make learning math accessible to all students, with an emphasis on developing skills that can be transferred through every level. It is the goal of this department to help students reach and/or exceed their potential. To accomplish this, we provide students with a general education curriculum guided by Common Core State Standards and scaffold assignments to meet individual needs. At all levels, students develop an understanding of the basic processes of mathematics and learn to apply these processes through challenging structure and course work.

  • AP Calculus AB

    Grades: 12

    Department: Math

    Calculus is the branch of mathematics concerned with the calculation of instantaneous rates of change (differential calculus) and the summation of infinitely many small factors to determine some whole (integral calculus). AP Calculus AB is a class designed for students with a high interest and ability in mathematics who have a desire to work hard and advance their understandings in the field of mathematics. This course begins with an extensive review of topics needed for success in understating Calculus theory and then moves at a steady pace for more full and enriched understanding. This class is designated as an AP class as it is geared towards students being prepared to take the Advanced Placement Exam in May of this academic year. Scoring well on the AP Calculus AB Exam can earn a student Calculus credit at many colleges and universities around the country.