Over the last two years Grove has been unveiling its very own Film Program. For students with a specific interest in movies this is an exciting opportunity to take a variety of courses designed to replicate the film-school experience.

Led by faculty with professional experience, Grove School has proudly unveiled an emerging Film Program over the last several years.  For students with an interest in the cinematic arts, this program offers a variety of electives on a rotating basis.  Designed to replicate a film-school experience students are given the opportunity to write their own screenplays and to direct their own short films. Students can also take courses that are cross-curricular, including electives that analyze diversity in film, as well as studying history through the movies of their time.

 Learning how to tell stories through a visual medium is a new skill for many students, but it is also a creative outlet and for some, an essential form of expression.  The film program at Grove is proud to be part of an Arts Department that fits in perfectly with the therapeutic milieu that the Grove community continues to represent.