Boys Varsity Basketball

The Grove School basketball team’s goal is to provide an opportunity for our students to continue their growth through the structure of an organized basketball program. Through participation, students feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. They learn how to compete in a team environment which requires unselfishness and communication.

The basketball team consists of players from different grades and skill levels. The basketball season kicks off just after our Thanksgiving break and extends into March. The team practices daily after school and competes against other schools about once a week once the season is underway. The practices focus on team work, fundamentals, self-esteem, and fun.

It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to ensure the team meets these expectations. The coaches show a great deal of commitment to the team and its players as individuals.  Practices are structured in a way to provide for both team drills and individual instruction.  This structure allows the team to be an opportunity for players of all skill levels.