Girls Varsity Softball

Grove School’s softball program is our first and only female sport.  The team welcomes players of all abilities and works to strengthen all individuals’ skills from basic throwing and catching to hitting grand slams and making triple plays. We strive to strengthen interpersonal skills through the team building process with practices such as positive sportsmanship, communication, and collaboration.

The Lady Hawks play teams from the Connecticut and Rhode Island area.  The official season begins after the Spring break and runs into the month of June, and preseason runs from January through April. Practices take place daily during the regular season with one to two games per week, and practice once per week during the preseason.

The softball team has several coaches who work collectively to create a positive atmosphere for the players as well as a developmental environment for all positions on the field.  Each coach has a specialized area: pitching, infield, outfield, and hitting.  Each year the group of girls bring a new set of skills as well as new personalities to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.