Transition Program

_MG_6228_200.jpgOur transition program is comprised of three houses that are located in the town of Madison, all within 2 miles of Grove School’s main campus; two of the houses are boys’ residences, one is for girls. Each house accommodates four students, as well as two live-in staff. The houses have four bedrooms; each student has a roommate.

Students in Grove’s transition program are involved in creating their own personal program that is tailored to their individual interests, capabilities, and goals. This includes opportunities to gain further education at local colleges, adult educational programs, trade and technical schools, as well as employment, and volunteering experiences.

The goal of the program is for students to gain independent living skills through staff instruction and supervision of daily routines, in conjunction with individual and family therapy sessions conducted on the main Grove School campus. This environment provides real life training for effective time management, development of organizational skills, self-care, as well as the continued growth of their emotional intelligence.

Expectations for house members include management of their personal space, meal preparation, and managing their laundry, in addition to household chores pertinent to common areas of the house. As these routines become established, and students continue in therapy, they learn the skills necessary to live and function as independent young adults.

Transition Program Components

Individualized Treatment Plans

Each student’s program is specifically tailored to their needs and goals.


Options to pursue post-secondary education through Middlesex Community College, Southern Connecticut State University, Porter and Chester Career Institute, and  Branford Hall Career Institute. Some students may need to complete high school credits on the main Grove campus or take Driver’s Education Courses or Adult Continuing Education Courses


Students may maintain Part or Full time Employment in the community. The Transition program offers job coaching and opportunities for  volunteering.

Independent Living Skills Development

Staff provide supervision, instruction, and evaluation of executive functioning in: daily living tasks, (Cleaning, cooking, shopping, room care, money management) self care (personal hygiene, laundry, medication), organization (personal items, appointments, scheduling) and effective communication (socialization, self-advocacy, relationship building, refining emotional vocabulary).

Clinical Treatment

Each student works with a treatment team on the main Grove School campus. They receive psychiatric consultation and medication management, Individual therapy sessions twice a week, and family therapy monthly.

Developing emotional intelligence

Students learn to manage stress and anxiety, mood fluctuation, depression, and anger. They work to improve frustration tolerance, coping skills, concentration, self-discipline, and motivation.

Health and Wellness

Students have memberships to a local Health Club and fitness classes. The program offers nutrition education and access to individual appointments with our Nutritionist, if needed.


Rock climbing, biking, hiking, golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, skiing, swimming, ice skating, horseback riding, dance classes, yoga, Pilates, music lessons, arts and crafts, and more.


Movies, beach, shopping, museums, aquariums, concerts, theatre, theme parks, symposiums, sporting events, art galleries, and more.

Substance Free Living

Students are subject to random drug screening.

Structured Independence and Safety

Students receive support and guidance while exploring their capabilities in a safe and supportive environment.

Transition Program Calendar 2016 - 2017