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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at Grove School is committed to helping students develop a civic responsibility as well as a cultural appreciation. Social Studies classes cover a variety of topics in US History, Global Studies, Cultural and Social Issues.  The department promotes critical thinking through analysis of primary sources and develops students’ ability to formulate and support positions on historical and current topics.

  • Topics in Ancient History

    Grades: 10, 11, 12

    Department: Social Studies

    Topics in Ancient History is a semester course that will expose students to the pre-modern world of Europe and the Western tradition. The focus of this course will be to study the world of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Throughout the course students will study the origins of Western tradition in the Greek city-states, the Republic of Rome, and the rise of the Roman Empire. During the course students will read pieces of ancient literature, studying key individuals, as well as comparing the traditions of the ancient world to the traditions of today.