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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at Grove School is committed to helping students develop a civic responsibility as well as a cultural appreciation. Social Studies classes cover a variety of topics in US History, Global Studies, Cultural and Social Issues.  The department promotes critical thinking through analysis of primary sources and develops students’ ability to formulate and support positions on historical and current topics.

  • Topics in Sociology

    Grades: 11, 12

    Department: Social Studies

    Topics in Sociology is a course meant to serve as an opportunity for students to continue studying sociology, and has the course “Introduction to Sociology,” as a prerequisite.  If a student is enrolled in Topics in Sociology, the assumption is that student already has an adequate understanding of basic sociological concepts.  The focus of this course is to use those concepts to examine existing social problems in the United States and determine why they are occurring.  Furthermore, students will look at how other countries approach those same social problems and will compare and contrast those methods with the methods used by the United States.  Students will be expected to complete assignments throughout the semester as assigned by the teacher, as well as to keep a journal where they relate topics discussed in class to their own lives.