Grove School Film Program Supplements the Academic Curriculum

July 23, 2017

Over the last two years Grove has developed a Film Program. For students with a specific interest in movies this is an exciting opportunity to explore a variety of courses designed to replicate the film-school experience. Led by faculty with professional experience in film development, students can choose from the following courses on a rotating basis;

Film Theory
This course introduces students to the basics of film criticism. Students analyze various cinematic genres by screening specific films and then identifying the tenets they have in common. From Citizen Kane to Psycho, and The Searchers to Jaws, students study the aesthetics of the most influential filmmakers. 

Students taking this class get to learn about the fundamentals of writing for a visual medium. Using the traditional three-act structure, students develop original ideas and then have the opportunity to write their own screenplays.

Intro to Film Production
In this course, students are introduced to the basics of filmmaking production. The class learns cinematic language by studying camera angles, shot-types, and the importance of visual framing. As a final project, each student gets the chance to direct their own short film.  

Diversity in Film
This class is designed to study cinematic depictions of race, class and gender throughout history, and how certain films reflected the culture of the times in which they were produced. 

American Culture via The Academy Awards
This film elective examines important moments in modern American culture through the prism of the Academy Awards; specifically, their relationship to seminal films that were either honored or ignored. 

Careers in Film & Theater
For students interested in how things work behind the scenes, this course is an introduction to the business that drives both studio movies and Broadway shows. Students learn about the jobs and responsibilities on a film crew, while also becoming familiar with the backstage roles that are essential in theater.  The class culminates with an annual field-trip to NYC where students enjoy a fun lunch followed by a Broadway matinee.