Events and Fun Around Grove

March 16, 2017

It is our mission at the Grove School to help students get connected and integrate into our community with ease. One way we help this is by providing seasonal community events where staff and students come together to celebrate or enjoy special occasions.

In the fall and winter, the Grove School our festivities include a Fall Carnival, Halloween Dance, the “Fall Fashion Expo”, A Polarbear Plunge running event, a Formal Holiday Dinner, Winter Ball, various musical Coffee Houses performances, Valentine’s Day dinner and dance, and drama musicals and plays.

Coming up this spring and summer are St Patrick’s Day festivities, Junior and Senior Prom, and Summer Fun Fest.

All of the community events are planned with the assistance of the Student Council and the Activities committee. Each year the activities differentiate based on student interest and enthusiasm. Any student is welcomed to help plan and execute their own ideas. For example, this year, two upperclassmen planned a “Gal” intines Day for all the female students at Grove. Students were invited to make cards and enjoy cupcake decorating to celebrate friendships on February 13th.