Staff Directory

Mike Black

Director of Transition Program

203-245-2778 ext.349

A Connecticut Shoreline native, Mike joined the Grove staff after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development from Franklin Pierce University. He has filled a variety of roles in his time, including a Care Staff, Teacher/Counselor and Residential Administrator. He currently serves as the Coordinator of the Transition Program, Student Advisor, and Dorm Administrator.

Mike has been an avid soccer player for his entire life, excelling in high school and in college. He brings his expertise to Grove as the Head Soccer Coach. Mike also leads the Longboarding Club and leads many ASTEE trips to snowboard and explore the outdoors.

Mike values his relationships with the students, parents and staff as his favorite aspect of his job. He has dedicated his life to working with people because feels he can make a difference every day and gets the opportunity to have fun and laugh with creative and interesting people.

When he is not playing soccer or longboarding, Mike spends time outdoors and with his family.

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